Overview     EVAC, 40+, M
Type     High speed vessel
Lenght overall Loa m 17,62
Length of hull LH m 17,5
Length of water line LWL m 15,25
Beam max BMAX m 6,09
Beam of hull BH m 5,95
Beam on waterline BWL m 1,48
Depth of hull T m 0,83
Displacement light mLC t 2,01
Displacement design mD t 25,5
Displacement loaded mLDC t 28,0
Air Draught H m 5,2
Design Speed vD kn 35
Max Speed vMAX kn 40
Hull Configuration     highspeed planing
Hull Material     GRP
Superstructure     GRP
Cabins     optional
Crew     8
Pax CE     20
Category of Design     A
Engines   pc 2
Type     Caterpillar, MAN, Volvo
Rating     C
Engine Power   kW 820
Power total   kW 1640
Prop Type     Waterjet, IPS, shaft
Prop diameter D m  -
Fuel Capacity   l 1920
Water Capacity   l 430
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