Probably the best first class shuttle for VIP guests on the market - providing the same comfort as a private jet or first class cabin and the final destination.
VIP Transport Vessel for Hotels and Resorts / under production. Delivery in 2018<br /> More news with seatrials / to be updated soon.
The first electric shuttle in daily service in Abu Dhabi. After extensive seatrials in service by summer 2018.                                            .
Luxury High Speed Ferry for Abu Dhabi / UAE
It is a SUV afloat, optimized for serial boat building, offering the possibilities to adopt plenty of equipment.
New project in new facilities: Re-Design of Exterior and new Interior...
A multi-purpose service vessel which has been designed along the requirements given by studies about safety at sea...
Multi-Purpose small patrol craft made from GRP following the requirements of a tender of the government of the Near East.
Multi-Purpose Ferry boat up to 55 guests, full elec. propulsion
Several Projects between 9 and 27 m in length - please contact us for further details.

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